Wooded Nomad

Wooded Nomad equips outdoor adventures by providing high quality camping equipment rental for wherever your travels may take you.

The Project

Wooded Nomad needed e-commerce website design and development services for the primary purpose of renting out camping equipment. Their requirements included:

  • Ecommerce/shopping cart functionality
  • Rental delivery and return scheduling with shipping options as well as delivery and pick-up for local, Minneapolis-area customers
  • Customizable rental packages
  • Configurable camping “bundles”
  • Logo design
  • Homepage video

The Strategy

We used WordPress as the CMS (Content Management System) and Woocommerce to handle the heavy lifting of the shopping cart functionality. We settled on the WooCommerce Rental & Bookings System plugin to provide much of the, well, rental and booking functionality, along with plenty of custom code get things working and looking just right.

The Result

From start to finish, working with the folks at Wooded Nomad was a pleasure. We got to design a really fun website for young entrepreneurs with a great idea for a new type of business. The result is a custom, modern design that works exactly as envisioned.

Screenshots of Minneapolis web design and development project - Wooded Nomad website

We had a great experience with Matt and Sally. Our website looks fantastic and we are constantly getting compliments on it. They took our thoughts/suggestions and designed our site in a way that perfectly matched our idea. We HIGHLY recommend this company to anyone looking for professional website design and development.

Erin Schubert, Wooded Nomad, Website Design Client

Erin Schubert
Wooded Nomad